Summer dog care tips February 2011

We have a lot of cute customers everyday. They have their hair trimmed short because of this hot weather.

We here introduce our customers, Hector and Jilbri.
They're so refreshed having nail clip, ear clean and bathing. Of course, their wrinkly skin are all cleaned up!


It's been and it'll be still hot for a while. Usually dogs are very vulnerable to heat stroke. Because their body is close to the ground so they're easily affected the heat and reflection from the ground during hot days; especially, such short foot Dachshund and Cogi. Also, short nose dog such as Pug is said to be very vulnerable. They feel and become hot more than we do. When walking with your pooch, make sure he/she has plenty of fresh water at all times.

As the weather has been fickle lately, your pooch needs more attention from you to maintain their condition.

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