Grooming puppies September 2010

In recent, there've been a lof of 'babies' visiting our salon. They are all so active and adorable so the salon turns like a childcare.
We introduce three-month-old boy Emmett. He came to our salon with his favourite toy.

"You're in the dog grooming salon, Emmett.
You're having shampoo, nail clip and tirm around your eyes today."
After trimming the hair around his
eyes, he shows his cute round eyes.
  He loves playing with the toy.
After having groomed, he looks so happy and cuter!
For the puppy, the first grooming is a very important experience. We try to make the puppy comfortable and relaxed. By singing a luluby during grooming, the puppy falls in a sleep often.

After having your puppy groomed at home, it's nice telling him/her 'You look beautiful!'. You puppy becomes to enjoy 'grooming' if they see your happy face.

The puppy's hair is very soft and delicate and changes the texture and color as growing.
The first cutting is very important so please ask us.
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