Is your pooch ready for winter? June 2010
Grooming is the great hygienic care and cleaning of your pooch.
If you like to keep your pooch's coat fairly long during the cold season, we can trim your pooch with warm winter style.
Grooming can maintain clean fluffy soft hair for the dog by fixing the area easily get soiled.

Grooming from $45
Model: Bottons 1. Fixing the coat of fur by brushing thoroughly.
2. Cutting the grown nails and cleaning the ears.

Shampooing and conditioning not only clean but also relax your pooch. The temperature of the warm water is set as perfect for the dog. Your pooch will relax and enjoy it.

4. We carefully hand-dry the dog's hair using the brush. As a result, the hair is set straight without entangling. It also gives volume and softness to the coat. The benefit of hand-dry is to keep the dog's coat fluffy and soft.
Brushing is also conducive to the dog's beautiful healthy skin.

The hair around the paw is always concerned.
It is easily get dirty. Clipping the hair of the
area prevents your pooch from slipping.


6. Fixing the soiled part finally and almost done! 7. Bottons has been a very good boy!
  with my best friend, Monty

We are welcoming our clients with our
hand-made ribbons.
Looking forward to seeing you and
your pooch at our salon!

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